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Horse Heath Care & Resources:
www.glenellenfarms.com/geva GEVA, Inc ~ Equine Retirement Foundation. GEVA was founded to provide homes for injured, retired, and abused horses, or horses just in need of a home. We are dedicated to preventing the inhumane and needless slaughter and abuse of horses. GEVA is supported primarily by tax deductible donations and fund-raising events. PLEASE HELP US HELP THEM!
www.equijournal.com One of the US's largest and most up-to-date Equestrian Information sites
http://www.horseadvice.com/advisor/index.html Horseman's Advisor - The International Equine Resource Center
www.horseshoes.com/fhlpown/frshlphr.htm Need farrier help? Try the Farrier & Hoofcare resource Center
Find that perfect Horse!:
www.equinedirectory.com Directory of horse related items
www.horsesense.com A worldwide equestrian location service
www.horseclassifieds.com Internet Horse Classifieds